My doctors won’t listen to me something is off

Patient: My doctor wont listen to me.. maybe some one can help me here I had a miscarriage a little over four weeks ago.. it was horid.. well I bleed for ten days and stopped.. about a week after the bleeding I begain to cramp like I was getting ready to start my regular cycle.. but after four days of nothing my doctor finally got me in to see the ultrasound tech. They said Everything passed correctly. But im still cramping and my breasts are hurting again.. they had gone away about a week before I found out the baby was dead. Now they r back I finally begged for a hcg test because I feel like something is off.. my hcg came back to 6. I keep telling them that something is off and they say it’s just because of my miscarriage. Do symptoms come back like that after being gone for four or five weeks? Or could this be a new pregnancy? How do I convince my doctor to understand that I don’t feel right?

Symptoms: Cramping but no start of a cycle. Its been over a week very sore breasts discoloration of the nipples