My dr has instructed me to monitor bp at home

Patient: My dr has instructed me to monitor bp at home. First reading is usually higher in the 140/80 range, after that, usually all readings I take are lower and usually settle Around 125/70 which I much better and encouraging. Then I hear not allowing ample time between readings can cause inaccuracies which has me worried my better bps weren’t accurate. I allowed 2-3 mins between each reading, if it was less it was because I tried the other arm. Is 2-3 mins between readings enough time to be sure my lower numbers were accurate?

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.The ‘N’ number of times you measure your BP, the ‘N’ number of times you will get t he different readings. The first reading which you got was on the higher side and still doesn’t require treatment. The remain if readings are well within normal limits. So you don’t need to worry for these readings. Just take low salt diet and exercise regularly.I hope it helps.Stay healthy