My feet ans hands turning . Is it diabetes ?

Patient: My hands and feet are often red or purple, and my skin looks strange… my vein’s color is clearly visible. I think its bad circulation.

Symptoms: Numbness

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.The description you have given might be of Raynaud’s Phen omenon.In this on exposure to cold hand or extremities turn first white, then blue and then red.If that is true you need evaluation for Vasculitis. Systemic Sclerosis is also a common reason for that.I would advise you to see your doctor. He will examine your extemeties. If he feels this could be Raynaud’s Phenomenon, he would examine your extremities by giving artificial cold exposure like dipping your hands in ice cold water. He would also order routine tests as well as thyroid profile and autoantibody panel.I hope the information helps you.Stay Healthy.