My first day coming on my period was Jan 22

Patient: My first day coming on my period was Jan 22 2015 and the last day I was on was feb 7 2015 I’m very irregular some times I come on my period weeks at a time I had sex on Jan 22 2015 right before my period came and it was unprotected I haven’t came on my period yet and I’m praying I’m not pregnant can u give me some answers my period calendar says I’m six days late but I don’t know how true it is

Doctor: HiThank you for the question,Having sex a day before your period is probably the safest time in the entire month to have intercourse. I would say it should be almost impossible for you to get pregnant by having sex this close to your period. Ovulation is right between periods and this is the most unsafe time to have intercourse, if you want to prevent getting pregnant that is. So I would say you are not pregnant and your stressing over it could delay you getting your period. But still you have some chances of becoming pregnant. Take a pregtest.I hope this will help you. Have a nice day.