My friend had sex with 2 guys

Patient: I have a question if my friend had sex and her boyfriend gave her his sperm but then after a couple day o months later they broke up and she went with her ex boyfriend n had sex to and got his sperm can you get pregnant? Or will she just b pregnant from her boyfriend in the first place

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If the girl did not have her cycles for 2 months after she had an intercourse with the first boyfriend, means that she was already pregnant with him, later on after 2 months when she had sex with another guy, it will not lead to pregnancy by him as she was already pregnant and further intercourse cannot cause pregnancy. But this is possible only if she had not got her cycles for 2 months. If she had her cycles and again had sex with a new guy, then the second guy can cause a pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards