My friend in to mich pain she has sliped disc

Patient: My friend in to mich pain she has sliped disc,her hipkilling her back killing her,, Gold feet sweating groin pain, hands hurt,, feels sick,,

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A slip disc can follow a trauma or even happen slowly over time. Since the symptoms are quite acute and she is in terrible pain, she will have to consult an orthopaedic immediately. The doctor will have to examine her and advise an MRI if not done earlier. She will need some pain killer injections like tramadol and also complete bed rest. If required she will be hospitalised and given physiotherapy sessions. If the symptoms do not subside over a few days, she will need a surgery.Avoid soft cushioned mattresses, avoid jerky and bumpy rides and also focus on weight gain.Hope this helped.Regards