My girlfriend and I had sex last night, the condom

Patient: My girlfriend and I had sex last night, the condom broke at some point…I’m not sure when. I did not know until I pulled out. She took a Plan B pill within an hour or two after.Her last period started on August 26, 2016. Is she going to be pregnant….?Thanks.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If her cycles have been regular and the intercourse happened last night, there is a v ery negligible chance of pregnancy or no chance at all. This is because the timing of intercourse was during the safe period of the cycle and not during the fertile days. Also she has taken plan b as well as on after the incident well on time. There is no need to worry about pregnancy, It is not possible in this case. However irregular and heavy bleeding may happen along with early cycles due to side effect of pills.Hope this helpsRegards

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Patient: Thanks for the response. She did mention that she has quite irregular periods though.. If her previous period before that was a month before August 26, but the one before that was TWO or 3 months before that, would that change anything? Thank you.

Doctor: Hello
No, the previous cycles dont matter much. There is no chance of prrgnancy