My girlfriend and I were messing around last night

Patient: My girlfriend and I were messing around last night and I had precum on my finger. I wiped it off, then went to use a tissue and wiped my nose, then proceeded to pull down her pants and I barely stuck my finger inside one time . In that span of time (5min roughly) the Precum would have dried before i put my finger inside right? Is there any possibility of her being pregnant? If so, what are the chances. Also, she hit her period today (the day after this happened). Is this anonymous too?

Doctor: Hello.The chances of getting pregnant following the pre-cum being inserted into vagina with fingering after 5 min, a re minimal as it would have dried and the sperms generally get destroyed after coming in contact with fomites like tissue paper. Moreover, she has resumed her menses, hence the endometrium is being shed and there are no chances of her being pregnant anymore.I hope I have answered your query.Regards