October 24, 2018

My girlfriend finished her period on feb 5

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Patient: My girlfriend finished her period on feb 5. and I had unprotected sex feb 6. She took plan b the day after and few days later she started bleeding caused from the pill which stopped on the 11th. Then on feb 19 we had protected sex and double checked to see if the condom ripped, and there was nothing. Coming into March she noticed she had was bleeding a light dark red brownish blood, is this implentation bleeding or an effect caused from plan b?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,The bleed which she is experiencing is unlikely to be an implantation bleed as you had unprotected sex on Feb 19th. This is more like the start of fresh menses with an initial light brown discharge and the flow should increase in next few days. Please wait for the menses to increase in flow. You may rule out pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test to allay anxietyHope this helps.Regards

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