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My girlfriend found out today that we are 6 weeks

Patient: My girlfriend found out today that we are 6 weeks pregnant. We have been partying pretty hard the last month on vacation. I want to know what risks, and to what extent of those risks we have to look forward to if we continue with the pregnancy.



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query at ATD.I have gone through your history and understand your concerns.Kindly, clear o ne thing to me before I answer your question.Did she take something (alcohol) or you are talking about sex?Usually initial weeks of pregnancy are very tender weeks and foetal development occurs in this period of time and what ever harmful you are taking or doing may affect foetus. Whether foetus is affected or not can only be confirmed by second level ultrasonography at 16-22 weeks.Hope found useful, feel free to ask more information.Good luck.Regards



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Patient: I was talking about alcohol, and by that I mean multiple drinks per night. She has stopped completely since we found out of course, but like I said we’ve been on vacation for a month and I’m concerned about going forward with the pregnancy.

Doctor: Hi,
Excessive alcohol intake during pregnancy is not recommended and it can affect foetus growth and development.
Sometimes some deformity can also occur.
But before going for anything it is better to get your ultrasound to see for foetal well being.
Hope found useful.
Good luck.

Patient: Yes thank you very much

Doctor: You are most welcome. Wish you a speedy recovery.


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