My girlfriend had a difficult and painful pregnancy through

Patient: My girlfriend had a difficult and painful pregnancy through all 9 months, 3 years ago, with a C section. She does not want to give birth again. So we were looking for a surrogate. But recently she gave positive test for HSV type 2. Does that mean no hospital will perform the procedure for surrogate if she carries the STD, to a surrogate that does not have any type of STD. And also is HSV type 2 transferable in the procedure of surrogacy? Any other info i can’t think of would be welcome for all this. Thanks in advance!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Yes, you may not get approval for surrogacy since she is infected with hsv. The infec tion can spread at embryo level when it is transferred to the surrogate mother’s womb. It is better for her to try IVF and give birth to her own child if she is not facing an issue of infertility. Another option would be inside donation from other person and use of your sperms and go in for surrogacy.Hope this helps.Regards

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Patient: What is an “inside donation” mean? and how does it work?

Doctor: Hello,
Invite donation can be done from.a donor who is not your wife and that can be fused with your sperm to create an.embryo and can be implanted to a surrogate womb for growth of fetus. In this way your wife’s gene will not be present in them embryo and no.risk of HSV too.