My girlfriend had an abortion about 3 weeks ago.

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Patient: My girlfriend had an abortion about 3 weeks ago, the pregnancy was 2 weeks so she took an abortion pill misoprostol and another tablet she had to insert in her and drink too …. and now for the past two days she told me she bn sweating and she feels pain when she touches her abdomen and also when she walks she feels a little and its very difficult for her to lay on her stomach. what could be the possible cause for her pain please and also she told me its not really a sharp pain

Symptoms: Abdominal pain and sweating at night sleeping

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to,It was right on her part to consider medical termination of pregnancy at 2 weeks gestation and i hope the completion of abortion was confirmed thereupon with a check transvaginal ultrasound. Usually it is seen that if medical termination is sought with medicines in early pregnancy less than 4-5 weeks then there is all chances of failure of the procedure and one may land up continuing the pregnancy or the gestational sac amy still remain in the uterus. In such cases, the initial bleeding may stop and so does the uterine contractions but the pain and contractions can start again naturally after 2-3 weeks making an attempt to remove the products of conception from the uterus naturally. So this may be a case for her, if the completion of abortion has not been determined.Another possible reason for a lower abdominal pain, with nausea, headache , lower backache and increased frequency of urine can be a possible urinary tract infection which can cause added weakness, lethargy, mood swings, decreased appetite and mild lower abdominal cramps as well. So it would be a best practice to get a urine culture done for her to rule out any infection, which if detected can then be treated with a course of antibiotics.Thirdly, sweating with lower abdominal pain can be a sign of pelvic inflammatory disease which can be accompanied with fever and nausea with continuous pain due to a secondary infection and can be detected with a per vaginal examination by establishing cervical motion tenderness. This too shall need an ultrasound to establish and a high vaginal swab for culture to isolate the cause of infection.Fourthly, the cause can be an adnexal mass or an ovarian cyst which can cause pressure symptoms and lower abdominal pain. An ultrasound again would help rule the same out.So please get the required investigations done and if the pain is still continuous and fever has set in then she should be reporting to the ER soon.Hope this solves your query,Have a good day,Regards

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Patient: Thanks so much We will get ultrasound done

Doctor: Please keep me appraised of the reports.

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