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My girlfriend had hand foot mouth and it spread to

Patient: My girlfriend had hand foot mouth and it spread to her vagina. This was two months almost 3 months ago and since then her skin on her vagina (specifically at the top and bottom) is super fragile and splits easily especially during sex. Is there anything she should take or cream maybe to correct this? We couldn’t find anything online that would link the two



Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD.Thank you for the query.I appreciate your concern for your girlfriend and the reason for fragile skin could be steroid usage.Do let me know if she has used any topical ointment, any other known medical conditions, ongoing treatment details so that I may guide you further.Regards.



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Patient: For treatment they had her use monostat and it cleared everything up quickly but it was after that that the skin became easily torn. And before this no she didn’t have any other known medical conditions affecting that area and no ongoing treatment. We ate just hoping to find a way to mitigate this to strengthen the skin so that sex can be enjoyed and so clothes in close contact to the area aren’t uncomfortable

Patient: I’m sorry if this is vague but it just started happening after him, and no matter how much research I do I can’t find any correlations or explanations. Hopefully you can be of assistance

Doctor: There is certainly no correlation between hand foot and mouth disease and fragile skin.
I would suggest you to get her examined by a dermatologist as it could be some autoimmune disease or fungal infection.

Patient: Thank you for your help. It’s much appreciated

Doctor: Thank you for the appreciation.
Take care!


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