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My girlfriend is 23 yrs old 105 lbs

Patient: My girlfriend is 23 yrs old 105 lbs she had ovary cysts and had to get them surgically removed because they ruptured. After the surgery the came back then disappeared and her ovaries are have been inflamed causing pain she lives in Romania the doctors here say to take birth control pills till she’s ready to have a baby. I was wondering if there are a permanent better solution for preventing ovary cysts and also if there are bad effects on her body from taking birth control pills for many years such as not being able to get pregnant again. Thank you for your time and help


Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Sometimes hormonal imbalance can lead to ovarian cysts.In that case by using birth control pills containing hormones, gonadal hormonal levels can be maintained, anovulatory cycles can be created, which will lead to regression of ovarian cysts.In younger age group using the birth control pills for limited period like 2 to 3 years may not affect the general health usually.If you want to postpone the pregnancy for longer period, your girlfriend can go for other options like hormones containing IUCDs which can be used for a maximum of 10 years.While using this measures also regular follow-up with ultrasound examinations are needed to observe the condition of the ovaries.Take care


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