My granddad suffers from diabetes

Patient: Hello,I am writing in concern to my granddad, who suffers from diabetes, and lost his sight throughout the years. He know lies in bed, barely moves, and has to be catered for every day. So far the family have gone through a lot just for maintaining him. The thing I wanted to ask you was if you know something that could serve towards him being catered better or better food that he has to eat. He has been down in bed for a couple of weeks now and nothing seems to get better. I would gladly appreciate every recommendation.Best regards,Evgeni Terziev

Symptoms: lying on bed, has to be catered for, diabetes, 90% or more blindness

Doctor: HiI am sorry to hear about his all the problemsUnfortunately at present, it is very difficult to advice without see him, as probably he has infection or electrolyte imbalance, both are common in diabetes.I advice you to see your physician as soon as possible and control diabetes and associated featureshope this will help