My grandmother whom is 72 years old has bowel problems

Patient: My grandmother whom is 72 years old is having problems with her bowel moving we have tried all different types of laxitive like latulose the new medication linzess and magnisum citrate you name it we have tried it. We took her to the er an the did xray an said it was her top bowel so they sent her back home with another bottle of magnisum citrate an she still haven’t had a bowel movement. What do we do?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and concern for your Grandmother.Since your Grandmother is 72 years old the intestinal sy stem also get aging problems and it becomes difficult for the old people in some cases to evacuate the bowel.This can further be complicated by the presence of diabetes and such disorders that can cause delay in emptying, hence check for blood sugar, kidney and liver functions.The best option in such patients is to give saline-soap enema to evacuate the bowel completely.Undergo colonoscopy at least once to rule out cancer or mass or a polyp.I hope this helps your Grandmother to get a relief and investigations to rule out any serious matter as discussed.