My heart always skips a beat i dont know

Patient: My heart always skips a beat i dont know why i have done chest xray it was normal then i did thousands of ekgs normal when i get into the doctors office or er my heart is fine i heart skips a beat every min during work time from 5 to 6 then it comes back 8 to 10 then at home i get them it skips beat every min my blood pressure be lole 111 70 or 125 over 85 my glucose normal thyroods normal i have done the holter moniter When i work out my heart skips a beat a min

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.You seem to be suffering from Anxiety and this feeling of heart r acing is called as “Palpitations” Palpitations can be because of Anxiety, Thyroid issues, medicines, alcohol and smoking, arrhythmia’s and a lot other causes. It seems to be anxiety in your case. The first line of investigation in such case is ECG and Thyroid profile. If they are normal, we go for Holter monitoring.Since your all these investigations particularly Holter is normal, you don’t have these symptoms due to arrhythmia’s. You just need to take care of your anxiety. You should start practicing yoga and meditation. Avoid excess of caffeine. I would advise you strongly not to consume alcohol and do smoking in case you do. In severe cases, we prescribe to our patients Propanolol (after being sure that these issues are not due to any cardiac or lungs problem) which helps in controlling anxiety symptoms.Share my opinion with your doctor, i am hopeful, he will agree to my advise.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.

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Patient: I have done the thyroid test it was normal.. Ecg holter i have recenlty done that i get my results soon like next week. My heart skips a beat every minute not all day but at surden times of the day .. I sweat a little when i have these heart skipping beats i am taking blood pressure medicine i eat pretty small.. Cardiac problems i hope it isnt that i dont smoke i dont drink coffee or drank alcolhol i sometimes drank soda

Doctor: Hi. Your all answers would be in your hooter report. If that is normal then this is all anxiety. And if there is any abnormality found then you will be treated accordingly. Review with reports.