My husband and I got married Jan 2nd Obviously afterwards we were busy having sex afterwords.

Patient: My husband and I got married Jan. 2nd. Obviously afterwards we were busy having sex pretty regular after that. I’d started my period Dec 26 or 27 and lasted until the 31st. I then had period early in January on the 16th. It was brown for 3 days and red for maybe a day. I’ve had cramping on and off different days. I can’t hold my alcohol anymore. I get sick after one margaritta or long island. I used to do like 3 or 4. Then this month, Feb. 5th I’ve started spotting. It’s getting ridiculous! I took my last preg. test about 2 weeks ago. All neg. Someone explain this. I was sexually active before marriage so it’s not like I’m new at this lol I’m 22 btw.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are likely chances of pregnancy in your case, considering the fact that you have be en regularly active sexually since marriage. The last cycle being january 16th and having a spotting inearly feb, could mean an implantation bleeding .The other likely possibilities could be ovulation related spotting , pill side effects if you were on any, stress induced hormonal changes, thyroid hormones dysfunctions , poly cystic ovaries , etc.Suggest you to consult a gynecologist and get a beta hCG blood test done and rule out pregnancy. Depending on the examination and a few baseline investigations , the doctor will treat you accordingly. In case of a hormonal pathology , birth control pills for 3 months will provide relief and get the cycles regularized.Hope this helped.Regards