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My husband and I havent had sex in the past

Patient: My husband and I havent had sex in the past 8 months. I’m 30 years old and my husband is 30 as well. Everytime we try to have sex, he experiences extreme burning sensation in his penis. I got myself checked with our doctor and she said I have vaginal infection and gave me 2 courses of cansten. My husband tested negative for any penis or urine infection. But we still have the same problem.



Symptoms: No symptoms



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.I presume your sex life was normal pr ior to this?Fungal infection when in active stage in the vaginal area may cause discomfort to the partner, although it never causes any significant burning.Once you finish the course of Cansten, we would need to observe whether he still suffers from any burning sensation.Also, can you let me know whether he suffers the same problem even when wearing a condom?Please feel free to discuss further.

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Patient: I did finish the two courses of Cansten and the problem still persists. He has no burning sensation while wearing a condom and urinating. this burning sensation is only during sex.
My GP said she has no solution and this is very frustrating. I researched a lot and couldn’t find anything related to the burning sensation because of vaginal infection.

Patient: We never faced this problem before

Doctor: No an active fungal infection or a bacterial vaginosis infection can induce burning sensation in the penile area during intercourse.
Hence till it resolves please ask him to use a condom during intercourse.
I would also advise you to get a second opinion from a gynaecologist who can examine you physically and also rule out vaginosis.
Feel free to discuss further.

Patient: thanks . I will do so. My doctor had examined me physically and when the problem still persisted, she said keep infection may never go. she also said that keep using condoms till the time you want to have kids. I’ll ask her to refer me to another doctor but what if I do have vaginosis?

Doctor: Then appropriate antibiotics will be able to treat it, following which he won’t have the same burning sensation any more.


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