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My husband has a type 1 diabetes he is 42 years old.

Patient: My husband has a type 1 diabetes ..he is 42 years old. lately he had his regular blood percent check up and he has mild anemia, ” he is lacking this 0.2 ” , according to the nurse this is not because of iron. whats the reason maybe?



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Note history about your husband having Type I diabetes and mild anemia – lacking this 0.2 – nurse says this is not due to iron – wants to know the reasons.I would like to know the detailed reports, please post the reports so that I can assist you the most.You may please attach the report with this queryThe reasons can be divided into three parts:- Low iron in food- Reduced absorption by the intestine- Iron sufficient in the food and absorption but reduced assimilation by the body in concerting iron to hemoglobin.This can be diagnosed by further investigations of Anemia typing and related investigations.You may please give additional information:- Is he taking sufficient Iron in food?- Has he got any intestinal problems?-Any other associated medical problems like that of thyroid, kidney, liver or so?- Any bleeding problems like Hemorrhoids (piles), gastric ulcer giving black stools, epistaxis (nasal bleeding) or so?Please give feedback so that we can discuss further.



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Patient: hi again, unfortunately the nurse here in denmark didn’t give any copy to my husband. but for further discussion . his blood percent is about 8.1 percent and as per nurse, it should be more or plus 0.2 percent to make it normal. he just normally take some iron pills, but as i have mentioned earlier the nurse said that it says on the test that he is “ok ” with the iron. he didn’t have any intestinal problem,no bleedings or anything. but we have notice before that he said sometimes he’s a little dizzy and then after taking some iron tablets it actually helps. then when they took the blood test he just had fever the day after, ( i don’t know if the fever is another factor). we are just a little worried as the doctor here wanted to see him first by january 2016, we are a little un certain about that lacking 0,2 on his blood percent. we are afraid it can lead to serious problems since he has type 1 diabetic

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback. Read and understood all the points given by you.
First of all the lesser value by 0.2 percent is not very significant to worry about.
The oral iron intake takes 2 to 6 weeks to show its effects and first it replenishes the stores of iron in the body.
Little dizziness can be due to many factors. Taking iron helps as your husband is has noticed.
Fever of a day may not have any bearing on the hemoglobin levels.
This will not have any serious effects on him.
Taking additional folic acid and multivitamins helps improve hemoglobin levels
I hope this answer helps you.

Patient: thanks..i will still want to get in touch with you though ..i have just asked my husband to get a copy of this report. so even if its says on the report the he don’t need “iron” as per the blood test result, its still best that he eats food rich in iron, folic acid and multivitamins?

Doctor: Exactly yes. Overall, the requirements are more in diabetes, hence strongly recommended.
These will help to have positive effect on health and is very important in diabetes type I.
I hope the blood sugars and HbA1c are within normal limits.


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