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My husband has pain in his Testicles

Dear Ask The Doctor:
My husband recently went to the ER with pains in his sac, the top (head) of his penis and the line I guess the vein that under his penis also he have a little pain when he ejaculate and urinate. He has a job that does alot of lifting but He said it's getting worse by the day. The doctor at the ER said it's his muscle and did a urine test which came out great from infections and bacteria but he's worried it could be something else.


Testicular pain and penile pain may be the result of trauma to the area, infections like epididymitis and orchitis, kidney stones and in rare cases testicular tumors.
You have mentioned that the urine test came out negative for infections, so inftective causes can be ruled out. Regular self examination of the testicles to locate and lump of masses is helpful in the early detection of testicular cancer. If a mass is felt, a testicular ultrasound may be done.
To relieve the pain, hour husband may use ice pack to the genital area, wear loose fitting undergarments and put a rolled up towed below the scrotum for support while sitting. Anti-inflammatory medication like tylenol and ibuprofen will help.

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