My husband has quite suddenly started running a fever I

Patient: My husband has quite suddenly started running a fever. I checked it under his arm because he was drinking at the time and it read 101.7. He is also complaining of muscle soreness, nausea, “bone pain”, weakness, fatigue, stiffness and a headache. He had no symptoms until this evening. He said he went to the gym but did nothing else all day. Assessed him when I arrived home from work and he does have a slightly elevated heartrate. I assumed he was dehydrated and began pushing fluids. after we went to bed I awakened because I was hot and sweating from his fever and him lying so close to me. Fever reducers upset his Gerd so he is presently marinating in the tub. Any suggestions?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history of Fever, muscle soreness, nausea, “bone pain”, weakness, fatigue, stif fness and a headache, elevated heart rate then sweating in the night with fever hence marinating in the tub to avoid GERD due to fever reducers.My thoughts:Since the problems started all of a sudden, the causes can be a flu as per the symptoms or the beginning of any infection process. Initially, the symptoms of all remain the same.Hence is the necessity to take to the ER as a Doctor can know the best what is going around like flu or not and have a clinical evaluation, physical examination and investigations as required.Let the fever settle, ask him to take any PPI or Ranitidine and antacid to avoid GERD that can occur due to the disease proper and the stress related to it.Rest of the treatment as suggested at the ER. Continue hydrating him as fever takes away lot of body fluids.Also note if he has additional symptoms and signs.