My husband has woke up with some sort of hive

Patient: My husband has woke up with some sort of hive the last two mornings. The first morning we thought a mosquito had bitten him. We doctored the whelps with hydrocortisone cream. The itching eased off and as the day went on eventually went away. The second morning the whelps were all over him again. He was awakened at 3 am frantically itching. The “hive” was on his right shoulder, back, butt, hands and knees. We thought a mosquito had bit him but I sleep right beside him and nothing bites me. He has been under alot of mental stress the past week. Could this be something with his nerves? Also the huge whelps feel hot like they have fever in them. Can you help us?

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comSince you are not affected, it does not seem like bug bi tes or mosquito bites.He is probably allergic to something, and hence the hives are showing up. Any recent change in diet or fabric can lead to such symptoms.I will advise a course of Claritin ( Loratadine ) once daily at bed time for a week, and it should settle down.Hope this was helpful,Regards