My husband high triglyceride is effect on pregnancy

Patient: Hi Doctor,I am planning for pregnancy. My husband recently had physical which showed that he is having high triglyceride levels(457, without fasting). Cholestrol(207) and glucose levels(105) are also on the higher side. Doctor has advised for diet control and to have a check later. I am medically fit but my husbands case is concerning me. Should we try for a baby now or wait till my husband’s cholesterol is under control. Will the cholestrol have any affect on the pregnancy? Please advise.

Symptoms: Pregnancy

Doctor: Hello,There is actually no effect of cholesterol on sperm formation or quality. The quality is guided by the genetic make of the sperm and not with lipid levels.The possibility of conception is not related to cholesterol level instead on the sperm count and motility of sperms. So you can safely try for conception without any fear that it would affect your pregnancy in future.I hope i have answered your query .Wishing you good health,regards