My husband is in jail and got his jaw broken

Patient: My husband is in jail and got his jaw broken. They waited 24 hours before taking him to hospital for ct scan. Then another 4 days before doing surgery to wire shut. He has no feeling in lower chin and part of lip. Could this be from talking so long to get wired? And is it common to wait so long to get wired if didn’t need to wait for any swelling?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I believe that the injury to the jaw has caused swelling and compression of the nerve th at supplies the jaw. This will cause the numbness. For the pain to clear, you need to wait for the compression to go down.If he was attended to by a Doctor and the Doctor decided to wait to shut the jaw, then there must be a reason to do so. Please raise your concerns with the Doctor as to why he waited.I do not think that the numbness is because of waiting. In fact wiring the area shut is more likely to cause numbness as the nerve can ge compressed.Hope this helps.