My husband lose weight 13k to in a month He

Patient: My husband lose weight 13k to in a month. He haven’t been doing any exercise and even no on deit at all. Been eating normal. Is it serious problem

Symptoms: Sneezing not all the time but once a week

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Losing so much of weight over a month is not normal.Sudden weight loss must always be evaluated. The causes could be chronic undiagnosed infection like tuberculosis, malignancy, malabsorption, intestinal infestation, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, stress, etc.It is important that you ask him to consult a physician at the earliest for an examination and investigations.Blood, urine, liver and kidney function tests will be done. An ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis may be needed.Bases on the examination and investigation reports, the doctor will treat him accordingly.He must have a nutritious well balanced diet. Drink plenty of water daily and sleep atleast for 8 hours a day.Hope this helped.Kindly feel free to write back in case of further clarifications.Regards