My insides are burning and I drank cold ice water

Patient: My insides are burning and I drank cold ice water to stop the hotness from my stomach but it’s still hot and pain

Doctor: Hi.Noted your history of burning inside for which you have taken ice-cold water but no relief. It is still hot and cold.I would suggest you the following:I would advise the following in such a patient:Continue Zantac 12 hourly.Pepcid every 3 to 4 hours when on empty stomach.Add Domperidone or such motility regulators.Soft bland diet.No aerated colas / soda/ drinks.Early dinner. No late nights.Treatment for anxiety (as prescribed/needs a prescription by your Doctor)Lying in a reclining positionWalk around after dinner.Think of the factors which increased the present problem, GERD, anxiety and try to avoid.If no relief, get Upper GI endoscopy done and get prescription for added Medicines.EKG for the heart n a safer side to rule out cardiac problems.This helps all my patients and should help you hopefully.