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Patient: Hello, I’m 11 years old, and looking for answers. So last week in PE, I fell playing Basketball-on my kneecap. The following day, my mother took me to urgent care, and found a “mysterious mark” on my right knee that was not found on my left, so they wrapped my knee, told me to ice it, and gave me crutches. I checked my knee, and found this huge purple bruise with some red, I thought indicating swelling. So on Monday, my mother took me to see an orthopedic, we unwrapped the ace bandage, and it looked the same as the bruise I saw before, but a bit bigger. So, they asked me what happened and tried to lift my right leg, it didn’t go very high, they tried to bend it, and it didn’t bend much. Then the orthopedic finally tells me that the “mysterious mark” was something in my growth plate, and that my bruise was a deep bone brusie that could hurt a lot if I don’t care for it. He told me just to leave it without anything and too keep my crutches for 5 weeks, not doing PE, of course. But my question is what will start happening if my deep bone buise gets worse? Will something bad happen to me? And also, before I went to the orthopedic, I started banging my kneecap on walls because I am clumsy, but not having the ace bandage anymore, could my clumsiness lead to a broken kneecap? If so, what are some signs so I’m aware if I do?




Doctor: Thank you for your question. This ‘deep bone bruise’ could be referred to as a periostial bruise. This occurs when a out er layer of skeletal bone skeletal bone called the cortex is sustains traumatic injury. This can be mistaken for a bone fracture. In order to prevent the worsening of this bruise, you will have to follow your doctor’s orders by resting and avoiding strenuous activity. This will give ample time for healing of this bruise to take place. If this injury is aggravated, you could potentially experience severe long term pain and weakening of the bone in the area of the bruise. This would increase the risk of a fracture in the future. We recommend that exercise caution as you walk around to avoid injury of your knee. A broken knee cap results in severe pain in the area of the patella, with associated swelling and pain.Thank you for consulting

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