My knees, ankles, wrists and fingers ache.

Patient: Hi, I am a 55 year old female and my knees, ankles, wrists and fingers ache. What do you think is the problem and what can I do to help the symptoms. I am currently trying calcium, glucosamine and centrum for women 50+. Thank you

Symptoms: My knees, ankles, wrists and fingers ache.

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Multiple joint pain can have various reasons like:- osteoarthritis ( most l ikely according to your age)- ankylosing spondylitis ( presence of stiffness which improves with activity)- infective endocarditis ( systemic symptoms of fever, rash weight loss, night sweats , heart murmur)- reactive arthritis or crystal induced arthritis ( gout)I recommend a visit to a physician and stopping all the over the counter self medications.The physician would recommend x rays, blood cultures, echo, MRI or CT depending upon the clinical suspicion after physical examination.Hope this information was useful.