My left foot hurts when I put weight on it,

Patient: My left foot hurts when I put weight on it, particularly when trying to stand on my toes. The pain is on the top left side of my foot and after trying to run again (after a week off) it still feels as bad as before and I am not able to run on my toes and I am forced to heel strike when I try to run. I’m a track athlete and I run distance and this happened after a surprisingly difficult speed workout.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think you have injured some muscle or ligament in your body. You can try RICE therapy for up to a week to help you.Rest the leg. Stop running for some time to help youIce the leg to reduce the swelling. Do this 15 mins at a time every hourCompress the leg using a crepe bandage or a ankle sleeveElevate the leg by placing 2 pillows under the legs.Hope this helps you. All the best.