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My left side is out of wack.

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I am a 39 year old female, I have been 5'8" since high school, at a recent Dr visit I measured 5'5". My back and neck have always bothered me so I started seeing a chiropractor. He is popping something in my upper back and neck 5,6,and 7 that is allowing my left leg and left shoulder to regain strength.. and he is decompressing my neck.. when i raise my left arm up about half way if feels like I am bending a bone the wrong way, and my pelvic bones hurt when i stand up after sitting for a bit.He says the left side of my body is off enough to ruin anybody's day..and his fixes last about 3 to 4 days,,then i am counting down the minutes to see him again. is there anyone who can fix me for good, life is getting painful.

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It is important in your case to have a certain diagnosis of your spine problem. It may be inappropriate to be manipulating the spine without a previous imaging study (MRI) and not knowing what exactly is producing your symptoms. I strongly recommend you to have a comprehensive evaluation, meaning: physical exam and imaging tests, including a bone density test, by a spine specialist in order to determine precisely what is the origin of your symptoms and the status of your spine segments and from there proceed to select the best treatment option available for you.

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