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My lips appear purple in the bathroom light and

Patient: My lips appear purple in the bathroom light and look light purple in sunlight. Is this normal? Everything i read online says see a dr but im not sure.



Symptoms: Blue lips



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The lips can generally have a darker appearance in bathroom light than natural light. H owever, if they appear purple, it is something unusual.Cyanosis or reduced oxygen supply to the body and heart, use of cosmetics and certain drugs can cause lips to appear darker known as hyperpigmentation which can be mistaken for a brown or purple lips. In cyanosis, the lips characteristically appear blue in color.In case of smoking also you can experience darker lips. Even dehydration xan bring in a color change. Vitamin deficiencies and cheilitis or inflammation of the lips can be a cause. Biting of lips and tanning can also cause a discolouration. You can attach an image and send it across to us for a better diagnosis. Also drink plenty of water and avoid smoking. Have a nutritious diet. Consult a dermatologist for an examination and an opinion on your condition.Feel free to write back for further clarifications.Hope this helped.Regards

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Here is a picture. I do not smoke

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for posting the picture.
It surely does not look like a cyanosis. Hence not an emergency. It could be a drug related side effect. Kindly consult a dermatologist for an examination to rule out the above causes. Avoid fluoride containing tooth paste.
Hope this helped.


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