My lmp date was 29/12/2014 I got positive UPT

Patient: My lmp date was 29/12/2014 I got positivr upt on 7 feb cycle length is 32-34 days.i went for my first ultrasound on 24th feb.the doctor found fetal pole yolk sac and cardiac activity.early live intra uterine geststion of 5 week 5 day.subchronic collection and right ovarian luteum cyst.follow up scan wss tsh was 5.84.i did not have thyroid before it is not there in my family doc put me on thyronorm 50mcg, susten 300 and duphaston 10.i went for second opinion and secobd scan on 26 feb to my suprisr no fetal pole or yolk sac was heartbeat no subchronic collection.i had used susten before worried??? Can scan be wrong.they didt find the cyst too.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is a possibility that you have had a miscarriage after the first scan and hence n ow there is nothing found on the scan. Maybe the products of conception were expelled without your knowledge and hence the uterus empty. It could be very unlikely that the scan can be wrong, however, you can take a second opinion and get a scan done from elsewhere to get the most accurate diagnosis.