My LMP is march 25 When my period was due

Patient: My LMP is march 25. When my period was due April 23 I got nothing but two days of spotting. Then nothing till may 9-11 which was again only light on tissue. This is not my norm I am normally regular give or take a day. Now I have a lot of symptoms indicating pregnancy such as hunger, frequent trips to the loo, bad bloat, emotional mess. And my cervix which is normally quite low prior to my menses has stayed quite high. I went to clinic today and got negative on urine. Is it impossible to maybe still be pregnant or what other conditions can cause these same symptoms? Thank you.PS I have an appt set just looking for ideas to suggest when I go.

Symptoms: Bloat, frequent peeing, sensitive nipples, emotional, insatiable hunger and frequent thirst

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If you had unprotected intercourse around the time of ovula tion, there is possibility of pregnancy.Just by symptoms we cannot come to one conclusion regarding pregnancy as we can see these type of symptoms in premenstrual phase also.Usually urine pregnancy test kit can give accurate result after around one week of missed period.So, better to go for ultrasound once, which will help in ruling out the possibility of pregnancy and also in finding out the possible cause of your delayed periods.Then according to that you can take tablets to induce withdrawal bleeding.If you are having sufficient time, you can plan your appt test after completion of your periods to avoid inconvenience.Take care