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My lymph glands at the top of my throat have

Patient: My lymph glands at the top of my throat have been enlarged to about golf ball size for a few months. My primary physician put me on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago for something else and thought they would clear up those, too. They did nothing for them. My throat is always sore and up into my ears feels weird. My voice gets very hoarse at times. I found out a few weeks ago that my home has black mold which has been there since my home was purchased two years ago. I also get bad headaches and nose bleeds and feel like all symptoms are related and possibly caused from my exposure to the mold for the last two years. The house is being taken care of. What kind of doctor should I see? I am scared that I might have cancer



Symptoms: Sore throat, swollen lymph nodes that are golf ball size at top of throat, bad headaches and nose bleeds possibly from black mold. Scared of possible cancer from it. Who should I see



Doctor: HelloThanks for the queryI understand that you have swollen lymph nodes and you are worried about it. I can cert ainly help you in this regard.Most swollen lymph nodes are at first presumed to be secondary to an infection. In most cases it is a bacterial infection. The fact that it has persisted even after antibiotics indicates a further work up is required.The ideal person to see would be a general surgeon, if you are not able to get an appointment for a general surgeon you can approach an ENT surgeon as well. You will have to undergo ultrasound of the neck to confirm that it is a lymph node because salivary glands can mimic a swollen lymph node. After confirming with an ultrasound a biopsy should be done to know further about the cause of the enlargementI hope I was of help, if you have any further queries please get back to meRegards

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Patient: Can black mold do this to me

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for getting back.
Black mold usually does not cause this type of a lymph node enlargement. It usually causes a respiratory compromise and infection sparing the lymph nodes.


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