My lymph node under my right is has swollen bigger

Patient: My lymph node under my right is has swollen bigger than a nickle. One in my collar bone on the same side is getting big too. Theres pain under my chin on that side too, where I had a really bad infection two years ago that actually ate away at my jawbone. Could this be another infection? Even with no open wounds? I am prone to infection, but I can usually guess the cause even before I go see a doctor. My insurance changed and I can’t see a doctor probably until next week. I also have a very dull pain where my shoulder meets my neck, I’m not sure if it’s related or not, and I don’t know if there are more lymph nodes there. I’m wondering what this could be and if I should go to a hospital, because I know infections can get serious, or if it can wait until I can see my primary care physician?

Symptoms: Swollen lymph nodes, pain, discomfort

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.The swelling in this area can be a lymph node. Swollen lym ph nodes require evaluation. The common causes of Lymphadenopathy are Reactive Lymphadenitis ,Tuberculosis, Lymphoma, Ebstein Barr Virus Infection.In case, you just have a short duration lymphadenopathy and that too small, your doctor might treat you initially with a short course of antibiotics.Weight loss, fever, cough of long duration associated with such mass in neck can point towards tuberculosis, lymphoma. If you had any preceding fever, sore throat this can be Reactive Lymphadenitis. However, they need to be co related clinically before FNAC/Biopsy is performed. FNAC is indicated in case your nodes don’t disappear after a few days of antibiotic therapy.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy