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Patient: My eyes get dry immediately after eating sugar sometimes (when I focus on the fact that I am eating sugar rather than nit thinking about it) my eyes have always been dryer than others (I had eye surgery as a baby and blink twice as much as others). Is this just my head playing with me or is it a sign if a more serious health condition?

Symptoms: Dry eyes

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We do not know of any medical conditions that are related to what you are describing. Your condition could be psychosomatic. You already have a previous history of xerophthalmia (dry eyes), and perhaps by paying closer attention to the area results in you perceiving that your eyes are getting dry after eating sugar. Excessive dry eyes can result in permanent damage to the sensitive corneal surface of the eyeball. We recommend you follow up with your doctor if this problem persists.Thank you for choosing

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