My mom 52 , weight 82kg, has heart problem.

Patient: My mom 52 , weight 82kg, has heart problem( stable angina) and pain in her neck and lower back discs , is it okay for her to travel by airplane ?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and concern for your Mother.Read and noted the history of stable angina, pain in the neck and lower back discs. Wants to know whether is it OK to travel by airplaneThis can be decided by the extent of the problems, current status of the heart and the back pain and neck pain, medicines she is taking, length of a journey and so on.Since her Doctor alone can know the clinical status, he would be the best judge to tell you whether your Mother can travel by air.And whether She needs special precautions if she is traveling by air.This is my opinion in the best interest of your Mother. Please consult Her Doctor for this advise.I hope this answer helps you to understand the need of consulting Her treating Doctors.