My mom has something on her finger

Patient: Hi! I just wanna ask something about my mom. She has something in her finger. I can’t tell if it is a lump because there is (I think) water inside it. Actually she already have it a long time ago and we used to pop it and put amoxicillin on top of it back then and it works. The water inside it was gone and it just become a lump but a few weeks later or a month a later, it came back and it becomes bigger and it has (I think) water and I think if we do the same procedures again, it can be worse. What do you think it is? What should we do about it?PS. I’ll try to send the picture of it if available.Thanks!

My mom has something on her...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, an elucidate history and the picture.Noted the presence of the lump for a long time, poppi ng and putting Amoxicillin powder, and recurrence.The appearance, the history of recurrence and fluid inside is suggestive of a simple thing that this is a cyst.Cyst is a swelling where there is a lining of the wall that secretes the fluid hence got the recurrence.The treatment is the removal of the whole cyst with its secretary lining to get a cure and avoid recurrence.Please consult your Doctor to get an appropriate reference for the small surgery and your Mother will be fine.I hope this answer helps you.