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MY mom is a diabetic and 80 years old who

Patient: MY mom is a diabetic and 80 years old who has just gone a hip replacement after she fell and fractured her hip. 18 days not still in hospital as her incision has not closed in the middle and is still secreting. Is this normal




Symptoms: The operation had to be repeated as the first time there was in infection and they opened up and flushed the blood and changed the implants. Her CRP is 44 and she is taking ciprobay antibiotic

MY mom is a diabetic and 80...-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and picture.Noted the history about your Mother having diabetes, fractured hip, got opera ted and reoperation with infection.No, this is not normal to have a situation like this. The wound is infected and open.Two major issues:1. Diabetes has to be under control2. May need removal of implant as it is a foreign body and may not allow the infection to be settled.Additional needs:She is already under antibiotic cover, may need change as per the culture and sensitivity reports.Maintain good hemoglobin level and serum proteins for good healing.Multivitamins, particularly vitamin A and D help in healing.I hope this answer helps your Mother.Regards,


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