My mom is alcoholic, she is around 55 yrs is

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Patient: My mom is alcoholic, she is around 55 yrs is there any med to get rid of alcoholic habit!

Symptoms: Body pain!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.I can understand your concern for your mother’s health.There are anti-craving dru gs and deterrent drugs which help to reduce/stop alcohol use problem.There is systematic procedure which has to be followed once the patient is treated for alcohol addiction and this needs to be done under thr supervision of a doctor so patient is generally admitted in the hospital.1) Detoxification:Patient is detoxified from effects of alcohol in this step which includes treating the patient’s withdrawal symptoms too. This includes giving I V fluids , multivitamins , benzodiazepines. This may take 3 to 6 days depending on amount and duration of alcohol consumption.2) starting anti craving/deter-rant drugs:Deter-rant drug like Disulfiram is given only after fully signed consent form by doctor,relatives and patient.The purpose is to produce a reaction which causes discomfort to patient due to the interaction of alcohol and disulfiram so that patient doesn’t take alcohol again.Anti-craving drugs like Acamprosate, Naltrexone helps the patient to stop craving of alcohol as they reduce pleasure obtained from alcohol.Other drugs that are useful for alcohol de-addiction are:TopiramateCarbamazepineSSRIThese drugs should not be taken without prescription of medical practitioner and whole process of deaddiction should be done under surveillance of doctor otherwise it can cause serious health issues.Hope this helps.Feel free to write back.Regards

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Patient: she is not a regular alcholic, she can stay without drinking also but if she see she cnt stop herself and create problem sometime she drink whole day sometime she dnt drink for a week if we are around if we are nt around than she drinks everytime

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for writing back.
for above mentioned medicines to start for treatment it is required that patient is abstinent from alcohol for atlas 4 to 5 days. Once patient is detoxified or abstinent then these medications are given. Disulfiram is the medicine with which alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden otherwise it can lead to serious health hazards.
As you mentioned when she is alone she drinks more, she should be enquired for feeling depressed or anxious on being alone. In such cases, SSRI like Escitalopram , Fluoxetine often helps. It is commonly seen that people often drink when feeling sad or alone.
It is advisable for you to take assistance of your doctor who will decide choice of treatment from above mentioned drugs. If she is having sad mood, SSRI will help otherwise Acamprosate and Naltrexone would do the job.
Hope this helps.
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