My mom(age 46) having fever, weakness, headache from last 45

Patient: My mom(age 46) having fever, weakness, headache from last 45days ..we went to a doctor he said she having Urine infection then doctor gave medicine.. then given injection for a week still not recovered then we went to Urologist who having MCH and then he gave medicine without any test we ask to him for test but he is saying test is not required.. do know what to do whether we admit my mom in any other hospital..pls pls help me


Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Fever with chills, vomiting, weakness and pain abdomen could be the classical symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Headache is unusual and indicates a viral origin of a fever.If the urologist is sure that no tests are required, then the doctor is confident that you do not have any major illness. Hence, the doctor has not advised admission. In case you still need an assurance, go for a second opinion. See a physician for a general examination and undergo tests like urine sample for routine and microscopy, blood for counts and culture, typhoid, jaundice and other causes of fever to be ruled out.A course of antibiotics will help your mother better. Ask her to drink plenty of water daily and have a bland diet till complete recovery.Hope this helped.Regards


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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