My mother has a problem where she constantly jerks her

Patient: My mother has a problem where she constantly jerks her hands and body in normal activities, all day. It’s fairly subtle, and she doesn’t shake or anything when still. But when she is trying to do something intricate, like tie two small strings together, for example her hands shake furiously. When she drives her hands jerk the wheel back and forth really fast, but they don’t really jerk that was when she is just relaxing. It appears anything that requires thought and is even just mildly intricate, such as controlling a car wheel, braking, makes her jerk. It almost seems as though she is just suddenly moving her limbs extremely fast, causing her to brake to hard, and move the wheel over too far each way. She always moves around very fast and has a very nervous demeanor (can’t hold still, can’t keep attention to anything, constantly moving her body when nervous, such as sitting up really straight, then slouching, doing it again, moving her hands up her lap, then down, et cetera very frequently). She has been getting called on by people on the road saying she is driving recklessly and it happened again today and now she is facing criminal charges because they are accusing her of drug dealing (she takes Tramadol for pain, prescribed, but there was a loose pill in her purse, they tested it today). So basically this jerkiness is starting to cause real problems. It has progressed as she has gotten older but she has been that was since I can remember.So the main symptoms are jerkiness, jitteryness, can’t hold still, easily nervous/panicked, always seeming rushed, talks very loud when feeling nervous or rushed (disruptive to people around, they stare at her with bewilderment) and a host of other unusual things and behaviors. I feel that it is something mental but she seen psychiatrists when she’s been feeling a little depressed and she’s never been diagnosed with anything! She has never once talked about the behaviours or noticed they were unusual to everyone around her so it would be hard for a psychiatrist to pull that into a conversation even if they noticed how she was acting because she is oblivious to it.

Symptoms: Shaking, jerking, nervousness, restlessness, can’t focus, forgetful, always rushed, easily panicked, can’t relax/slow down/be calm