My mother has chronic heartburn, can not breath, wheezing, t

Patient: My mother has chronic heartburn, can not breath, wheezing, tight chest, lots of acid, hard to digest, stinging skin.all happen after she got white plastic tooth filling done last week when the symptoms there a blood, hair, stool, or urine test that would show if she is having toxins in her body from the white plastic fillings?she has had them twice before two years ago and had no problems with them.but few weeks ago she got a vitamin B12 shot and had a allergic reaction and rush to the hospital twice.her wbc high, rbc high, nautruphils high, bun went from a 4 to 8, lipase went to 160 to 222.also may i ask a question about thalassemia after you answer my first question?thank you.

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.As per details, it seems that she has developed an allergic react ion to the filling she had. Mostly this is the clinical diagnosis, still as you have asked about the blood tests, you can get her Absolute eosinophil count, IgE levels.Since she is wheezing, she would require to get Chest X-ray done to see any reactive pleural effusion in case she has developed.I would advice you to take her to ER, as she would require stabilization by intravenous steroid injections like Hydrocortisone and Anti histaminics like Avil.Once she gets better, she will be discharged, with combination of Levocetrizine and Montelukast. For the acid reflux, she may take a combination of Pantoprazole and Domperidone.Your doctor would also consider removal of implant if they also feel, that the reaction has set in due to the implant.As far as considering thalassemia is concerned, thalassemia doesn’t present with such allergic reactions. Now, the blood investigations you have discussed can occur in case of allergic reaction.However, the rise in serum amylase and lipase requires consideration of Pancreatitis that can also explain all these issues – the clinical symptoms and blood repoorts.She requires and Ultrasound Abdomen followed by CT Abdomen, to rule out pancreatitis and it’s cause. Also i should mention here, that it’s not necessary that a person who never has allergic reaction prior to implant will also not have it this time. During the first and second implantation, she might have got sensitization done and this time antibody response might have overwhelmed.So, i suppose she should be given care at ER. Once she stabilizes clinically, she would be investigated for the causes as discussed.Visit your doctor and share my opinion with him.I hope it helps.If you have any further doubts in mind, feel comfortable to ask me.Stay Healthy.