My mother has diabetes

Patient: My mother age 81 has diabetes, last night she over indulged on cherries and is sick. she is throwing up and has had several accidents before she can make it to the rest room she also this morning had the shakes. is there a recommended food to help settle her ?

Symptoms: uncontrolled bowel movements, regergitating, she stated she had bad shakes this morning and general fogginess

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that your mother has contracted an infection from the cherries that she ate . This could most likely be caused by a bacterial infection resulting in food poisoning. Food poisoning is usually a self limiting infection which resolves between 3-5 days. Given her advanced age, we are concerned that her uncontrolled bowel movements and vomiting will affect her electrolytes, and cause her to become dehydrated. We recommend that you take her to an urgent care center or emergency room to be evaluated for dehydration, and electrolyte disturbances. In the meantime we recommend that you provide her with adequate hydration with water, juice, and small amounts of sports drinks. Usually in younger persons this will help without further treatment, but at 81 years of age, more care and attention needs to be taken to prevent serious complications from food poisoning. Please seek medical attention.Thank you for choosing