My mother is 75 and her balance is off

Patient: My mother is 75 and her balance is off. She fell backwards on the bed and when she tried to walk she was bent backwards frim the waist and dragging her right leg. She said it was not painful but scary. She has been having headaches almost daily. What can be causing her back to do this.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood that your Mother has a fall backwards n the bed and she started walki ng with the back bent backwards and is dragging her right leg. She also have headaches almost daily.The most probable causes of such an occurrence is the spasm of the muscles and slippage of the disc.This can be diagnosed by:Clinical evaluation, physical evaluation, MRI of the spine and evaluation for headache by a Neurologist.This will help you to find the reason and get a plan for treatment.I hope this answer helps you.