My mother is 87 and has severe degenerative arthritis

Patient: My mother is 87 and has severe degenerative arthritis in her right hip. She has had 2 cortisone injections. and is only allowed one more. She also has MDS is is taking Revlamid. Ortho surgeon suggests hip replacemen, but I fear she is too fragile for this surgery at her age. Are there any other types of injections that can be given that can cushion the joint? Ex: Gel, synovial fluid, hyalgen, PRP, etc?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I can understand the plight your Mother must be going through due to unilateral degenerat ive arthritis of the right hip. Your Orthopedic surgeon is right in a sense that once the severe degenerative changes occur it destructs both the surfaces which make a joint, hence only a proper hip replacement can work. There are no gels or such substances which can replace the joint to a bearable position.I am sure you must have discussed this issue with your Orthopedic Surgeon.Secondly, due to the advent of modern anesthesia, instruments and post-operative care, it is possible that your Mother will tolerate the surgery well and she can then be symptom-free for life-long.You can certainly discuss the issue of fitness for anesthesia and surgery before you take a decision.I hope this answer helps you.