My mothers colon flipped about two years ago and she

Patient: My mothers colon flipped about two years ago and she had to have emergency surgery, and then about 6 months later, she got a hernia and had to have a hernia repair. This past August, she had an intestinal blockage and some other problems and had to have another emergency surgery, and this morning, she was informed that she has another hernia. Is this going to be a life long problem? If she has this next hernia repair, is it only a matter of time before more scar tissue forms and she forms another hernia?

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query.Noted the history about your Mother: Volvulus colon – 2 years ago- hernia repair – intest inal obstruction – another hernia – Wants to know whether this is going to be a life long problem.The commonest causes of recurrent / incision hernia are:Anemia,hypoproteinemia,chronic cough,constipation,strenuous activitiesWeak abdominal musculature and so on.IF you want your Mother’s hernia to be operated perfectly and avoid the recurrence, you have to get corrected all the factors I mentioned above.I hope this answer helps you.