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My niece took 200 ml of potklor oral solution got

Patient: My niece took 200 ml of potklor oral solution got fainted and admitted in clinic. I already read once pot. Chloride may cause cardiac arrest . is this syrup overdose do so pls explain in detail.



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.Yes, 200 ml of Potklor consumption is definitely high and l ife threatening.Chloride is not the main problem. The problem is actually potassium. Such high dose of potassium can cause Hyperkalemia. Now hyperkalemia is very dangerous. It can cause dangerous Arrhythmias leading to cardiac arrest. Potklor itself causes lots of Gastritis and can cause discomfort due to Acid reflux.She definitely needs admission and observation. She would require an ECG and serum potassium level estimation. If levels are found high she will require Anti hyperkalemic measures like Salbutamol Nebulization, Dextrose with insulin and in severe cases dialysis. She will also be given Pantoprazole for Gastritis. If there is no hyperkalemia evident then she would just require monitoring for next 48 hours.I hope it helps.If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.



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Patient: Thanks doctor. Will it create any other adverse reaction like severe skin problems or tissue breakup I need it immense bcoz she is going to have marriage.

Doctor: Hopefully not. If she survives this acute I take without any complications she won’t have any problems related to it in future.
Good luck

Patient: How she went unconscious and fainted they are giving the same treatment what you said but she should have also severe abdominal pain as she had appendicitis earlier. How she went unconscious with that pain

Doctor: The cause of unconsciousness: Variation in the level of Potassium can cause dizziness, mental confusion and unconsciousness be sending inappropriate signals. and also lead to paralysis.
It is not only the imbalance of the potassium, it also disturbs the balance of potassium with Sodium and all other ions.
With the altered potassium and others may cause altered sensorium and hence the pain may not be felt at all.
May I please know what is the position of the patient and her reports of ECG, Serum potassium, chloride and sodium?
I hope this answers your query.
Please feel to ask for further relevant queries or if you feel that there is a gap of communication.


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