My nose sticks out and does not match my face.

Patient: Hello.I don’t know what’s wrong with my face. It looks like I have a big nose, but I’m not too sure. When watching my profile, my nose sticks out, really bad. It looks like my nose starts right where my eyes are. The skin under my nose is also sticking out way more than the skin under my mouth. My lips are extremely thin, and it almost looks like my top lip isn’t there. My chin folds in at the middle. From the front I personally think I look all right. And when watching my self from any other angle than full profile, I quite like the way I look. But as soon as I see myself in profile, I get really depressed. I feel like people are taking pictures of my, and I don’t feel confident at all. I’m 14, so is there any chance that my nose might be growing faster than the rest of my face? I hate the way I look. Is there anything I can do?Thank you, Mille.